Mixed fruit jam

Mixed fruit jam

Mixed fruit jam
This is prepared in stringent hygienic conditions. Our fruit jams have found a special favor from health conscious people of numerous institutions, both in the government and the private sectors. In addition, our price viable fruit jam contains good quality sugar and permitted preservatives.

Mixed fruit jam(475g)


Fresh fruits(pineapples, oranges, passion fruits, pawpaws), sugar, pectin and citric acid, preserved with sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate

Nutritional information
Serving size : 1 table spoon(15g)

Amount per serving

Protein 0.1g : 0.2%
Carbohydrate 10g : 3%
Fat 0g : 0%
Sodium 0g : 0.6%
Vitamin A 30IU 3%
Vitamin C 2mg
Energy 170KJ(40.6Kcal)
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